About Us

We are the Vanguard!

Created by some of the most experienced people from across the Salesforce ecosystem.

Award winning professionals who strive for implementation excellence while providing the ultimate customer service experience. We partner with the best ISV’s and recruit the best people who embody the Vanguard values.

The Four Vanguard Values

Virtuosity in our people

Velocity to results

Veracity for Customer success

Value for your Investment

Value & honour for all

There are many principles we hold dear. Core to our beliefs are that our customers, partners & employees are treated honourably at all times and know that we value them deeply and strive to deliver value to them.

Low Risk & Agile

Because of our unique position in the market, Our deep expertise and knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem we can help you reach your organisational goals faster.

We have access to resources that will fast track your growth, reduce costs and realise meaningful ROI.


We are highly recognised across the Salesforce ecosystem and renowned for:

  • Our Performance
  • Professionalism
  • Velocity to results
  • Dedication to customer success
  • Deep trusted relationships.


We are a dedicated Salesforce & ISV partner this means we invest in our people and partnerships to deliver the very best to our customers.

Be that support through sales & Implementation as our customer you will receive award winning support through the entire process

Our Locations

Vanguard offices areĀ  located in the heart of Dublin & London.

This enables us to provide a premium service to our clients in both Ireland and the UK.

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